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Limb-Mechanism We have developed a new Limb Mechanism Robot named "ASTERISK". ASTERISK has 6 limbs which each has 4DOF. By radially arranging limbs in six directions from the center of the body, ASTERISK achieves mobility in every direction.   Read More>>    
Micro Robotics We have been developing dexterous two finger micro hands and a total micro manipulation system. The micro manipulation system consists of microscope with high speed CCD camera, fine force sensor, user interface devices, and low level motion controllers.   Read More>>
Humanoid Robots The humanoid robots have a body construction which is similar to human beings and they can do two-hand manipulation and two- legs walking, so it is expected that they will be introduced into human environment in future.   Read More>>


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New Staff(2012/11/1)

  • "Mitsuhiro Horade" Specially Appointed Assistant Professor arrived at Arai laboratory on Novenber 1, 2012.

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1-3, Machikaneyama-cho,
Toyonaka, Osaka.