Object Recognition

Service robots are desired to achieve more intelligent tasks for the sake of everyday use. For example, the robot should be able to finds object, grasps it, and then gives it to the human user. In order to achieve such intelligent tasks, service robots need the following functions. ・To detect objects and to estimate their pose on three-dimensional space using vision ・To manipulate objects and to transport them These functions should provide robustness against various changes of target or robot environment while the robot is performing a desired task. In our group Visual manipulation techniques and Grasping algorithm are developed for this kind of projects. Recently, System integration techniques for non-modified individual robot functions had became more important. RT Middleware is the one of the platforms for such a robot system. In our group we have developed software modules on RT Middleware for the previously mentioned robot functions to achieve our project's purpose of research which is to produce and develop flexible interfaces and functions for any module and system structure.