Multi-scale manipulation

We have developed two micro manipulation systems. The first one has multi-scale manipulation ability which means, this micro hand can manipulate the objects which are in the scale of sub-micrometer to a few hundred micrometers. Moreover, this system can transport micro objects in the scale of tens of nanometers to a few millimeters. Due to multi-scale manipulation ability, cell fusion (mating of cells which is the part of cloning task) and such kind of complicated tasks are feasible. With the same system we have successfully manipulated small micro objects (such as donor cells, 15 μm) and big micro object (such as egg cell, 150 μm) in the same environment which represents the cell fusion task. In this context, manipulation means grasping, transporting and releasing of micro objects by end effectors of micro manipulator. This project focuses on manipulation technology for works from nano to macro scale and promotes interdisciplinary research works between engineering, biological and medical fields.