Asterisk Robot

Insects have 6 legs which are generally used to walk with. In case of need, 2 of them can also be used as arms to pick objects. Therefore we call their legs, which can also be used as arms, ''limbs''. The concept of Limb Mechanism Robot is motivated from the concept of limbs. The mechanism enables the 2 following things. Efficient operation altering limbs properly for manipulation and navigation tasks according to the situations. Miniaturization of the component by integrating the two functions into one mechanism. We have developed a new Limb Mechanism Robot named "ASTERISK". ASTERISK has 6 limbs which each has 4DOF. By radially arranging limbs in six directions from the center of the body, ASTERISK achieves both even work space and mobility in every direction. We also design symmetrically the top and bottom of the robot so that there is no distinction between the work area in the upper and lower part of the body. Therefore, it is possible to move in every direction without alteration of posture, lift an object, and easily return to its standard position after falling up-side-down.

ASTERISK has the following 6 kinds of sensors.

  • Pressure sensors on the tips of all of the limbs, which can detect whether they are being pushed or pulled.
  • Infrared sensors on the tips of 3 of the limbs.
  • A gyro sensor and an acceleration sensor on the body.
  • Wireless cameras on the tips of 3 limbs and 3 CCD cameras on the body. We displayed ASTERISK at the World Expo 2005 in Aichi, from June 9th to 19th, to show the performance of ASTERISK.