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Limb-Mechanism We have developed a new Limb Mechanism Robot named "ASTERISK". ASTERISK has 6 limbs which each has 4DOF. By radially arranging limbs in six directions from the center of the body, ASTERISK achieves mobility in every direction.   Read More>>    
Micro Robotics We have been developing dexterous two finger micro hands and a total micro manipulation system. The micro manipulation system consists of microscope with high speed CCD camera, fine force sensor, user interface devices, and low level motion controllers.   Read More>>
Humanoid Robots The humanoid robots have a body construction which is similar to human beings and they can do two-hand manipulation and two- legs walking, so it is expected that they will be introduced into human environment in future.   Read More>>

Psychological Evaluation To Manning Coexistent Robots using Virtual Reality

Psychological Evaluation :: Basic dimension of psychological assessment to humanoid robot

Psychology is one of important keys to understand good relationships between humans and robots and create robots that can coexist with humans, especially, humanoid robots as their appearance are designed to resemble human beings so that the highly focused on humanoid robots can live with human beings. Considering coexistence with human beings, security and safety of robots are significant issues. However, it is quite difficult to measure or quantify security and safety. To challenge this point, we adopt psychological approach. At first, we explore the concepts of security and safety for ordinary people, and then develop the scales to measure security and safety. We apply these knowledge in engineering point of view to design robots that are secure and safe. Through these challenges, we develop the standard of security and safety for human beings by conducting various experiments to compare robots based on the previous explored psychological knowledge. Unfortunately that it is highly cost to change robots design. That is why presenting robots in VR (virtual reality) is becoming the new center of attention. It is much easier to change robots design or motion in VR than in an actual one. But it is necessary to consider the differences in psychological evaluation between actual and the one presented in VR before replacing actual robot with VR in experiments. In summary, we develop the methodology of psychological evaluation to robots to quantify security and safety to robots. Then, by applying this methodology, we conduct experiments to compare various robots including the VR and set the standard of security and safety of humanoid robots that coexist with human beings.

Psychological Evaluation :: Basic dimension of psychological assessment to humanoid robot


1-3, Machikaneyama-cho,
Toyonaka, Osaka.